Live with radiation

How can I live with radiation? How can I work if WiFi, 5G and DECT phones are “everywhere”? How can I protect me? These were questions that I regularly asked as a behavioral therapist. My patients often asked me the same questions and I decided to buy and test the STRAS. For me there is one remedy, STRAS.

Els Slaats

Better sleep and rested get up

Through my doctor I came into contact with EMF Protection. He is electrohypersensitive and has a lot of benefit from his STRAS. I am not so radiation-sensitive myself, but it did put me thinking. Initially I asked for a prescription for sleep medication and he prescribed various means, each time with the warning that this could not continue. I was very skeptical about the STRAS, but my doctor’s words continued to play in my head ’s when I finally could catch sleep, I had to go out several times at night to go to the Toilet. Rarely did I Wake up rested.

For 1.5 years now I have been using my STRAS and sleep all night, also from restless legs I have much less trouble. Because I sleep well, I can function better and enjoy life more.

Chloë van Remundt

Stop chronic headache, migraine and painful menstruation

We have been working on health and (tantric) healing for over 10 years. My wife, Manuela, had chronic headaches, severe menstrual complaints and was quickly tired. I myself often had migraine which prevented me, Roy, from working several days a week. We went looking for solution… We have many solutions from the idea of ‘one size fits all’. Both Manuela and myself were aware that our two bodies react differently. After years of searching and trying we came to the website of EMF Protection via the internet. Here we were able to order the STRAS, the custom solution we were looking for years…

For both of us we bought a STRAS. At first Manuela had some detoxification phenomena, I myself had no problem with them. What quickly struck was that Manuela wasn’t so tired in the middle of the day. Not even after a long drive. Her headache is kept to a minimum once a month around her menstruation, with the pain in her stomach out of proportion to the past. I can’t tell you anything about my migraine attacks, because they are a thing of the past.

Kathleen Mertens


It is not obvious to write a review about your love life. It is a delicate subject and my husband did not want to know about it at first. Especially because it is about his listlessness. Not because love is up, but especially because his genitals could not handle the stress anymore. At least that is what several doctors told us for years. Until we were six weeks on holiday in Thailand, without stress and still no ‘movement’. Both of us run against the 40 and I started asking myself the question: “Do I continue to death so that we are separated?”

With my unfulfilled desire I went looking to end up at the STRAS. On the site of EMF Protection I ordered a STRAS for my husband’s birthday. First he thought it was a gift for me, because of its form. After he used  the STRAS for a month you saw the first signs of recovery. We now have a healthy love life again and I bought a STRAS for myself to protect me from radiation.

Linda V.

Stress, unrest, fears and fatigue

For two years Claudia and I have been a couple. At first it was getting used to, because you lived alone for more than ten years. I knew of her high sensitivity, anxiety, fatigue, which often makes her irritable. I was in love and wanted the best for my ‘girl’ and talked about it with a good friend. He was already working on consciousness and energies 20 years ago.

He also mentioned EHS. I had never heard of this before, so searching the internet. Claudia has electrohypersensitivity complaints was my discovery and so I came on the trail. For both of us I bought a STRAS. Very soon Claudia’s first complaints disappeared, she is more positive in life and I have no psoriasis anymore.


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