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STRAS SPACE brings back natural peace in the home, classroom, office, store, restaurant, car and any space where people and animals are. STRAS SPACE provides a protective field of 12 meters. In this field, each individual’s body is given the opportunity to recover and become resilient to electromagnetic radiation. This is generic protection. For protection completely tailored to your body, choose the personal STRAS.

Because the STRAS SPACE uses electromagnetic radiation for proper operation, attenuation of the signal occurs between 80% – 90%. This depends on the frequency at which the radiation is emitted.

The STRAS SPACE measures 44 x 19 x 19 cm, weighs 1.5 kg, stands on a base and has an antenna housing made of recyclable plastic. Like the STRAS, the STRAS SPACE uses electromagnetic radiation to create the protective field.



Is a personal STRAS not feasible for all residents and visitors? With the STRAS SPACE, you provide radiation protection for people and animals. Everyone in the protective field is going to feel better about themselves.


An office environment is a place where there is a lot of electromagnetic radiation. Being a good employer is ensuring a healthy and safe work environment. You can help your employees feel good in the office by installing the STRAS SPACE….


Are students often busy in class? They too are exposed to the stimuli of electromagnetic radiation. You can improve the school experience by placing the STRAS SPACE in the classroom.


You have a restaurant where your guests stay for an extended period of time and where you hope they will return regularly. The STRAS SPACE can help create this pleasant environment. People who feel at ease will digest more and think back fondly of the experience in your restaurant.

N.B. Do you store wines in a wine climate cabinet? The presence of the STRAS SPACE allows the wines for true connoisseurs to come into their own even more through the more intense taste sensation.


You have a store and want to give customers an optimal shopping experience? Then the STRAS SPACE can help you achieve this by creating a pleasant feeling for the customer.

Electric car

You are driving an electric car and realize that you are sitting on top of a radiation source. With the personal STRAS, you can protect yourself from this radiation. For the passengers, you can place the STRAS SPACE in the car, so that they, too, will feel better about themselves while driving.


With normal use, your STRAS SPACE is guaranteed for life.

Made in Holland / Belgium

The technological basis of the STRAS SPACE is a Dutch / Belgian invention.

No charging / discharging

You do not need to charge the STRAS SPACE, it is powered by the radiation present in the environment. In fact, we are talking about resonance technology (Schumann frequencies) through which harmful radiation no longer has any effect on the natural frequencies. The STRAS SPACE does not absorb any radiation itself and therefore does not need to be discharged.

30-day return policy

The STRAS SPACE is not covered by the 14-day return law. Therefore, we have set return option to 30 days. You can find the terms and conditions on the Return Policy page.




Included in the price


1,5 Kg


44 cm


Recyclable plastic cover and base