• 1. Why should you buy a STRAS device?

    There are various reasons why you should buy a STRAS device, but the most important one is definitely that you will get a customised protection. This means that the device will be able to tailor the shielding it offers you specifically according to your particular body needs.
  • Another key benefit of choosing STRAS is that you won’t need to charge the device. STRAS will work wherever you go, and it will never go without offering you its protection since it will charge up itself automatically. It will also be able to adapt to the intensity of the radiation that is present in your surroundings. The starting point for the development of the STRAS are Schumann frequencies.
  • 2. What is the effect on my body?

    The STRAS offers a protective STRAS field set to your body. This will allow your body to recover and strengthen itself against electromagnetic radiation. In concrete terms, we are talking about improving cell communication, restoring body frequencies, strengthening your immune system and self-healing capacity of your body. Your body has been under pressure of electromagnetic radiation for years and can now rest. This is what can cause temporary detoxification phenomena.Nature
    There was a time when man only encountered earth rays and water veins. The body’s own frequencies were in balance, the cells could communicate well, the self-healing ability and immune system functioned well… The field that the STRAS creates an environment like it used to be before there was unnatural electromagnetic radiation. This will allow your body to recover and strengthen itself.

    3. How do you tell different STRAS devices apart?

    If there are multiple STRAS devices in one family, as you have bought a STRAS for each person, we recommend applying a little nail polish to one of the device’s ends. Using a different color for each user will help you tell the devices apart.

  • 4. How do you prepare for future radiation threats?

    We make it a point to continuously search for emerging sources of radiation, such as with 5G. Should there be the need to adapt the STRAS device to upcoming radiation sources, upgrading services will be offered at a reasonable charge.

    5. How did you go about testing STRAS for 5G protection?

    One of the most recent sources of radiation was 5G. this was introduced in the USA as well as in a number of other countries as an improvement to 4G. We carried out extensive testing with our STRAS devices in Switzerland, and made sure that our devices were adapted to this type of radiation before this was made more widely available.

  • 6. Does STRAS offer protection against the Coronavirus Covid-19?

    STRAS devices help to boost our immune system, among various other benefits. While this does not mean that the STRAS device will be able to protect you from the Coronavirus, it can help you to have a stronger immune system, and this could reduce your chances of complications should you contract the virus.

  • 7. Is the STRAS device only meant to offer protection?

    STRAS has two main aims. First of all it offers protection from electromagnetic fields of radiation. Secondly, the STRAS is also intended to assist people who currently suffer from a number of negative symptoms which can be directly or indirectly attributed to EHS problems. Many people realized that they had been suffering from certain symptoms, which could not be attributed to any specific disease or health condition. Then, once they started to avail of the protection offered by their STRAS device, those symptoms either subsided or reduced dramatically. It was then that it could be ascertained that such negative symptoms were actually the result of EHS. Consequently, STRAS can offer a curative service.

  • 8. What does curative action mean?

    By curative we mean quite simply, healing. There have been all sorts of problems and complaints mentioned by our clients. While we are in no way saying that STRAS devices offer a healing service, we know for a fact that many clients who invested in a STRAS device started to live better lives thanks to a considerable reduction in negative symptoms and health conditions that they used to suffer from before. This is because STRAS devices offer a shield to safeguard you from electromagnetic radiation, and in turn this leads to improved wellbeing.

  • 9. Does the STRAS device start working immediately?

    The STRAS device starts to offer protection as soon as it is switched on, however it takes a period of 14 days until the STRAS adapts its functionality to optimum levels. During this period the device will learn your personal body frequency and adapt the type and level of protection it offers you accordingly so as to ensure that a complete and tailored protection is provided.

  • 10. Will you feel that the negative symptoms you suffer from disappear immediately?

    In most cases such symptoms will subside quite quickly since you start using the STRAS device. Symptoms vary, both in term and type. So there cannot be a fixed answer to this question. However in the majority of cases symptoms and complaints that used to make clients’ lives miserable, were able to improve considerably and within a relatively short period of time thanks to STRAS. Needless to say, with certain conditions such as cancer at advanced stages, one cannot expect that the STRAS device will be of any considerable benefit. However in such a case STRAS can offer some relief and support in certain symptoms.

  • 11. Why should I buy a STRAS device instead of gemstones?

    While gems are said to offer some level of protection they are very limited in their capabilities, especially if there are strong levels of radiation. Over times gems get saturated, not to mention that you would need many gems which have to be recharged often. This ends up being quite costly, and it is surely not as effective or convenient as a STRAS device. STRAS does not require recharging or maintenance, and it can offer a complete level of protection even when radiation is strong.

  • 12. Can I combine gems with STRAS?

    Yes you may but please be aware hat the gems could cause some interference in the proper functioning of the STRAS. So, we recommend to avoid combining them.

  • 13. Why is there a strict return policy?

    When you buy a STRAS device you are going to get a tailor made device which will be with you throughout your life. So this is not a regular purchase, but a very important one. For this reason we advise you to fully understand the implications of this purchase, and to only buy a STRAS device once you are completely convinced of this purchase. We offer a lifetime warranty on all STRAS devices, so you can easily see how seriously we take this. Consequently we expect you to take your purchase seriously too.

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