How to have more energy

How to have more energy? By carrying the STRAS with you and protecting yourself from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Effect of radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is all around us in our Western world and it is only increasing. This undermines your immune system, body frequencies and energy levels. This causes vague symptoms at first that turn into EHS symptoms with prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

How to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation?

The STRAS uses electromagnetic radiation to create a personalized protective field around your body no matter where you are. Thus, the STRAS is the most practical and durable protection.
Protecting against electromagnetic radiation and blocking radiation can be done by living in a “Faraday cage. This is not realistic and therefore it is more practical to create a protective field around your body. Within this field, your immune system can recover and improve. In addition, your cell communication can function properly and your energy levels can recover.
For the first 14 days of use, the STRAS gets to know your body in order to tune into your body’s own frequencies. The STRAS is worn in a pocket, sock, panty or bra.


The STRAS also attenuates electromagnetic radiation by 30% – 40% depending on the radiation source.
For wearing on bare skin, the STRAS comes with a cover, which you can easily insert. We are currently working on creating a carry on neck holder.


52% of population is electrosensitive
3% of the population has EHS complaints
The STRAS provides a lifelong protective field within which your immune system can recover and stay strong.
how to have more energy
Price $ 449,- including shipping. Please note that the price will be increased soon!

EMF Protection

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